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Every horse is different, so every horse deserves an individual approach to his/her personality.

My training philosophy consists of natural horsemanship techniques, classical dressage and special gait training. I prefer the gentle way to develop a relationship with the horse on which I build the training, that might take sometimes a little longer, but gives an excellent basis to achieve lasting results. It is all about connection and partnership.

It is important to me to ​include the owner and teach you to be successful in your partnership with your horse. Watching me train gives you the possibility to see the progress your horse is making along the way. In addition you can pick up valuable information on the techniques your horse is trained with and use the knowledge once you take over again.


(within 5 miles distance of Eagle, WI, please add per additional mile $1; additional fees for distances over 20 miles may apply)

Single training unit/evaluation                $60 / hour

5 units / week                                         $250

1 month (20+ units)                               $800 

1 month taking a horse in for training

(20+ units, plus board)                           $800


I have some capacity to take horses in for training, too.

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