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Kris Davidson, Oconomowoc WI:

"After purchasing my first Icelandic Horse (Litla) in June, I realized that she was not "tolting" naturally or easily for me. I had Ann start to work with her and me in August. Ann was able to get the horse to gait properly and helped me understand what the gait actually was. I had Ann work with Litla for a couple months in the winter while I was out of town. When I returned this spring and started riding, Litla was tolting easily and willingly for me. I knew Ann was a good trainer and had great knowledge of gaited horses and training in general, but I was still surprised at the change in this mare after just a couple of months! My mare was not only gaiting, but her attitude was better as well. Ann has a wonderful way with horses, kind and firm, and has an amazing understanding of gaits and horse behavior in general.

I would highly recommend Ann for any horse training."

Maria Hansen-Cronin, Delafield WI:

"I first met Ann when I decided to give gaited horses a try. My own horse was recovering from an injury and I missed being able to ride. I had little experience with gaited horses and Ann was patient and understanding. Not only is she a wonderful teacher/trainer she is an ethical and honest person. Ann puts the welfare of both the rider and the horse first. She never pushes either beyond what they can comfortably do.

Ann is gifted and talented and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to ride or improve their riding skills as well as train their horse."

Kenya V. Benitez, Racine WI:

Ann-Christin Kloth is the only person I trust to work with and train my horse. She is an exceptional teacher as well. With her teaching me I have grown leaps and bounds. Ann is worth every penny I have spent and a whole lot more."

Shelley Fayas-Elmblad, Eagle WI:

“After my daughter took horseback riding lessons for a few years, she experienced some falls, and then had lessons on an unhealthy horse (his front knees would collapse with daughter riding). These experiences shattered my daughter's confidence, which was especially unfortunate given that horseback riding is the only sport she is interested in. We started lessons with Ann-Christin after hearing that she works well with people who lack confidence while riding, and Ann's training was the key to my daughter regaining confidence quickly. Furthermore, my daughter learned more about horse behavior from Ann than she learned from lessons at the other facilities combined. My husband also took lessons from Ann and was very happy with how much he learned from Ann so quickly. I was especially impressed with how Ann could get my daughter to visualize how to hold her body while riding, and how Ann talked my daughter through relaxing at each lesson until she could do so on her own. I think Ann gets fast results with her positive reinforcement approach to training both people and horses, and she has such love and respect for the animals she works with. Ann works with people and horses to focus on riding techniques that need refinement while periodically practicing what has already been mastered to keep riding abilities sharp. I am happy to recommend Ann-Christin Kloth based on my personal experience with her.”

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

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