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Ann-Christin Kloth is a certified Icelandic Horse (IPZV Trainer B - Germany), Dressage Trainer and EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist. She provides quality instruction and training for you and your horse at your facility. She offers Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy sessions.


She is also an Equine Massage Therapist, certified by Therasage.


In her work with horses she honors principles of Natural Horsemanship but also goes beyond, seeing the horse as a true partner as well as building and teaching relationships which help both horse and human to grow personally on a deeper level.



Lessons on your own horse

Virtual Lessons

Training (gaited and non gaited)

Starting Young Horses

Natural Horsemanship

Trail Riding

Equine Assisted Learning & Therapy

Equine Massage Therapy 

Location is in Southeastern Wisconsin (Eagle, Waukesha County), but will travel for clinics all over the Midwest, the US and Canada.

Thanks to Ulrich Neddens, Sabine Stüwer, Lori Cretney, Diane Graves, Dawn Shaw, Alexandra Pregitzer, Amy Karsten and Kerstin Reissmann for allowing us to use some of your pictures.

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