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Kolbeinn from Slettunni


S: Sörli frá Búlandi
D: Viktoría frá Litlu-Sandvík


11 year old registered Icelandic gelding, dark brown (faded black). 5 gaited, pace not trained at this point. Both parents are First Price with very good bloodlines. He had extensive professional training and knows all the basic dressage moves.

Kolbeinn was started with Natural Horsemanship methods and is very good with liberty as well as online groundwork (Level 2+). He is a blast to play with!  He is sensitive and needs a novice to intermediate rider with soft hands. You can think and he will do it. All four gaits are very easy to ride and he is soft and supple. He is very affectionate, I never have to go and get him, I call him and he comes right up to me. He is lots of fun to ride on trail and does great with arena work, too. Not a beginner horse because he feeds off of his rider. He has been on trails a lot. I ride him when I give lessons on trail, and he does great, he knows his job. He loves obstacles (gates, water, bridges, cowboy curtain etc.). Kolbeinn is not very sturdy built, about 13.2 hands and should not carry a rider above 150lbs. He is good for the vet and farrier, bathes, clips and loads.

He has a history of metabolic issues, is on a chromium supplement and should have only limited access to grass (for example with a grazing muzzle and for a limited time). Only grass hay recommended as he is an easy keeper. He is at a place where he is on hay fed out of nets most of the time, as he tended to get ulcers which can cause belly aches. He hadn't had issues since last year when I moved him to the barn he is at now. He is perfectly fine when he can eat small portions of hay throughout day and night.

I decided to sell him because I have some life changes coming and travel a lot as well. I have him since he is 5 years old and started and trained him from there on.

Only for sale to a very good home, price negotiable for the right person. Videos available.

Nor from Slettunni

Color: Black
Height: 13.3 hands
Price: $7,500
(will increase with further training)

S: Sörli frá Búlandi
D: Drífa frá Oddsstöðum I

Nor is a very sweet 13 year old gelding, 5 gaited with LOTS of Tölt. All his gaits including Pace are super easy to ride and he has the smoothest Tölt EVER! Not a beginner rider horse, as he is forward, sensitive and can get unconfident in new situations. A confident intermediate rider and up would be great for him. He likes to go out on trail with buddies and is a pleasure to ride in the arena as well. He is curious and a good learner. He hasn't been ridden in a few years before I got him in March, means he wasn't exposed to much either. He was started by Gudmar Petursson and knows all the basic dressage exercises like leg yields, shoulder in and haunches in etc.

This guy is fun to ride and will make a great partner!!

Vaskur from Fjalla Vegur
Color: Bay
Height: 14 hands
Price: $8,500

S: Erill frá Sperðli
D: Saga frá Hólmahjáleigu  

16 Year Old Gelding For Sale
Vaskur is a five gaited sturdy 15 year old gelding. The pace has not been trained extensively. He loves going trail riding and is a lot of fun to work with. Vaskur is very friendly and has a lot of professional training. He is very soft in the mouth and would need a rider with very soft hands. Vaskur likes to please his riders and is very forward. He does have some metabolic issues. 
I worked with Vaskur off and on since 2005 and know him well. He was in training with me until February 2016. He is always willing and ready to go.
Owner will sell to a very good home only. Videos available.

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